Project Description


Helping teachers and school district employees plan their financial futures.

Teachers with a Plan website mockup

Step 1. Define

The Goal

Create branding and a website that felt less corporate and more trustworthy.

Landon, the founder, is passionate about helping educators and others in school districts find the best path forward in their financial future. Our goal was to impart a sense of personality and dependability in the branding and website.

The Feel

Casual, relaxed, and teacher specific.

We first worked on the color palette to nail down the casual but not corporate look. The blues call to the casual and relaxed feeling and the red conveys strength and passion. From there we worked on a clean form for the branding and website to make navigation clear and communication easy to understand.

The Ideal Client

School district employees.

Landon is a Certified Student Loan Professional and specializes in working with school district employees. He is truly heartfelt about the best interests of educators. For now, he is focusing on the Kansas City area, with plans to expand his reach in the future.

Step 2. Design

Step 3. Result

Teachers with a Plan has the ability to schedule clients directly from the website while also exhibiting their trustworthiness and authority in the student loan and financial planning realm. The entire site is friendly and informational which makes it standout from others like it in the field.

From the beginning, Landon wanted to make sure we stayed true to his vision and create something special and outstanding for his clients. The brand identity is clear and inviting reflecting Landon's devotion to helping educators.