Project Description


Branding and packaging that reflects the natural beauty and sophistication of the honeybee.

Wildfire Creative Fox Run Apiary

Step 1. Define

The Goal

Create something that makes folks feel relaxed and at ease.

Sarah had been keeping bees for a couple years and decided it was time to sell her girls' hard work. She wanted branding and packaging that buyers would be proud to use in their home and not just shove the sticky bottle in the back of the pantry.

The Feel

Natural, intriguing, earthy, country.

Sarah wanted to achieve a farmhouse, chic look that caught the eye and made people think: that looks so nice, I bet it’s delicious! Maybe they used to like raw honey and haven’t had it for a long time—she wanted her brand to entice them to try it again. Or perhaps they’ve never tasted raw honey before—she wanted the brand to encourage them to try it. Or possibly they typically use another brand and Fox Run Apiary brand catches their eye and makes them wonder if it tastes as good as it looks, or even better than what they normally use.

The Ideal Client

Folks local to the area who like to attend farmers markets and enjoy homegrown food.

Anyone who lives locally has a chance to purchase Fox Run Apiary's honey and honey products. Sarah sets up at the local farmers market every Thursday and also sells her products at local shops.

Step 2. Design

Wildfire Creative Fox Run Apiary
Wildfire Creative Fox Run Apiary

Step 3. Result

Fox Run Apiary is the top-selling vendor at the farmer's market!

woman sitting at farmers market stand with a black table cloth and Fox Run Apiary logo