Project Description


A non-profit organization committed to supporting the children in our local and surrounding communities.

BTC Area Youth Benefit Corp.

Step 1. Define

The Goal

Create branding that encompassed the joy felt in childhood while also encouraging folks to make donations.

Wildfire was tasked with designing a clean and professional yet fun and optimistic brand system for BTC AYBC.

The biggest obstacle we faced was representing the organization as a standalone entity but still associated with BTC Bank.

The Feel

Supportive, Compassionate, Dedicated, Active, Enthusiastic.

The bank's color is a dark blue, so we went with a more youthful and vibrant color palette.

The custom type and bouncing letters give the feeling of optimism and movement.

The Ideal Client

Donor Core Life Beliefs: Hardwork, Ambition, Motivation, Innovation, Leadership.

Participant's Event Participant Core Life Beliefs: Family, Hardwork, Ambition, Community.

There are two segments of ideal clients as BTC AYBC needed to reach donors and event participants.

Step 2. Design

Step 3. Result

"I sent the brand guide to the AYBC board and everyone is in agreeance that you totally nailed it. It’s truly perfect, and evident how much skill and creativity went into it all. We’re so excited to have all of those variations of styles and file types. THANK YOU THANK YOU!"


BTC Area Youth Benefit Corp.