Project Description


Devoted to improving quality of life in Northwest Missouri by providing high-quality health and wellness care for all ages.

Wildfire Creative Albany Chiropractic logo

Step 1. Define

The Goal

Encourage folks to visit the office to find alternative care to surgery or prescriptions. 

Albany Chiropractic wanted area residents to know that they could visit the clinic and get comprehensive care aimed at elevating their well-being.

The clinic employs the proven best methods but they care about every single patient.

The Feel

Bright and modern; timeless.

Wildfire was tasked to communicate a message of serving a small, rural community and keeping the branding fresh and approachable.

Albany Chiropractic really wanted to emphasis bright colors to impart its connection to body, mind and spirit.

The Ideal Client

People living within a 60 mile radius of Albany, Missouri.

The clinic serves patients of all ages and wanted the branding to reflect that.

Step 2. Design

Albany Chiropractic, located in Albany, Missouri, recently moved into a new building. They took this opportunity to upgrade their equipment, offerings and office space. The new building is updated with gorgeous cool greys, whites plus pops of orange and blue to make a truly inviting space for it patients.

The clinic asked me to create a modern, yet timeless, branding package to go with this exciting upgrade. The abstract “A” icon overlaps in the middle creating a visual signifying how the clinic’s offerings (chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, massage therapy and physical therapy) overlap to create balance and wellness in their patients’ lives.

Albany Chiropractic alternative logos
Albany Chiropractic brand mark
Albany Chiropractic signage

Step 3. Result

The Albany Chiropractic clinic was able to deploy a website with their new branding and colors that accurately reflect their goals of reaching area residents and communicating a message of approachability and connection.

Albany Chiropractic polo shirt