I’m gonna be honest, when I was asked to brand an Apiary I had to look up the definition *face palm* Once I learned it is where you keep bees and their hives and the client wanted to make and sell honey products, I couldn’t wait to get started.

Client’s brand words: Natural, Intriguing, Earthy, Healing, Country

Our goal was to create something that was clearly a nod to the apiary, but also make sure bees weren’t so in-your-face. Light, beautiful and down-to-earth.

Product Photography:

Sarah, the owner of Fox Run Apiary, trusted me completely to style and set up every shot and they turned out beautifully. The images reflect not only the brand Wildfire Creative designed for Fox Run Apiary, but the natural and organic nature of the honey, and the bees–one of the most important pollinators on Earth–who produced the honey. Beyond the exquisite flavor, honey provides so many other benefits; it’s great for coughs and colds, our skin, and as a natural energy booster!

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