Astraea Consulting

A workplace sexual harassment consulting firm that aims to help, educate and assist business owners.

It was imperative that the new identity communicated connection and the balance of justice.

This is exactly what I wanted and I’m so glad you were able to visualize the feel of my business.

Chelsey Clark, Owner/Senior Consultant, Astraea Consulting

After a one-on-one and deep-dive questionnaire with Chelsey, owner and senior consultant at Astraea Consulting, I had immediate inspiration that I knew would align with her goals and vision for the company.

Astraea Consulting’s brand voice is strength, excellence, dependability, real and elegant. Creating a no-frills, professional brand identity to match was the bottom line.  

The Goal

Chelsey had an immediate need to create a brand and feel for her new workplace sexual harassment consulting firm. In the #metoo era, it is more important than ever to be proactive when it comes to sexual harassment.

We sought to create something that showed connection between the employer, employee and Astraea Consulting. That connection came in the form of the moon with connection to two smaller satellites. Like the moon and tide, Astraea Consulting has influence over the lives they orbit. Connection and communication are the most important aspects when it comes to sexual harassment consulting and training.

The Details

The logo mark with the moon and the two moons on the sides, is representative of Astraea Consulting (the moon in the middle) sharing its expertise with clients and employees. Astraea Consulting is connected to them in a very powerful and deep way. The moon has influence over the ocean’s tides in the same way Astraea Consulting has influence over the lives of those it assists.

The color palette represents colors of deep space, we recognized the need for a vibrant element with the gold gradient and brighter blue as secondary colors.

The typography gives a sense of grounding and stability with strong yet elegant serifs. Avance Pro also supports the brand system by providing a strong balance when paired with sans serif fonts, such as the secondary font Montserrat.

Alternate Versions of the logo and tagline provide a more robust brand identity system for Astraea Consulting to use throughout its marketing collateral. Each item was thoughtfully produced to support and enhance the brand identity.

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