I love to dig deep into a brand and find its voice in order to provide the best quality design and aesthetic that brings in clients for you. To start the process, I send a branding questionnaire for you to fill out. The questions are meant to nail down your target market, niche, design preferences and more. When I receive it back, I pour over it to get to know you, your brand and your business.

Then the magic begins. 

Total Brand Design

All the tools you need to launch your business and gain the trust of your clients with a custom and catered design experience.


Primary logo design

Alternative logo design(s)

Logo variations and supporting brand images for marketing, social media, online and more

Business card design (printing not included) or a social media cover photo design.

A brand guide which explains the file types, how to use the logo, color palette and suggested fonts.

Brand Starter Pack

The Brand Starter Pack is perfect for business owners who aren’t quite ready to go all-in with their branding.


One expertly designed logo

3 rounds of revisions on logo mock ups

A brand guide which explains the file types and how to use the logo.